Thank you so much for giving me the confidence that allowed me to achieve my goal of obtaining my bike licence. As you are fully aware, I was far from certain that I would be capable of achieving such a goal. Setting out to attain my licence was a huge challenge for me and a major leap outside of my comfort zone. I had given myself a goal of attaining my licence before Christmas and honestly thought I would probably still be needing lessons on Christmas Eve! Your calm, non-critical and positive manner supplied me with complete trust in you. Obviously this made it a lot easier for me to believe in what you were telling me, which in turn gave me the trust to attempt to carry out your instructions. Apart from achieving my goal of attaining my licence, another very valuable and exciting factor to come out of the course for me was a renewed belief in myself and a huge boost for my self confidence. I am very proud of myself, but know without your belief in me and your exceptional teaching ability, this would not have been possible. With huge appreciation and thanks. Jenni

Presenter adapted to my level of skill and was able to appreciate my areas of concern when questioned. Extremely happy with the guidance and expertise provided to enable me to ride carefully and safely in the future. Helen

Presenter very knowledgeable and experienced. Enjoyed participating and got a lot of value out of the course. Dave

Many thanks for your time, patience, skill and the knowledge you have instilled in us. Jeni & Rhonda