Q-Ride Motorcycle Courses

Col Rogerson is a fully accredited Q-RIDE Instructor, and can train you through the entire Q-RIDE process from Pre-Learner to Unrestricted.

Trainer demonstrating the importance of keeping head and eyes up for balance


What is Q-RIDE?

Q-RIDE is a motorcycle licensing system designed to help you become a safe rider.

In October 2016, Q-RIDE Course structure has been revised as part of a holistic review of motorcycle licensing in Queensland.

Queensland has a graduated licensing system for new riders, with two motorcycle license classes:

The training consists of theory, off-road and on-road components. These are carried out at our purpose built facility in Kingaroy and on the roads in and around Kingaroy.

Q-RIDE motorcycle licensing system

1. Pre-learner Course (completed at SBMRT)

2. Knowledge Test to gain Motorcycle Learner Licence

3. RE Course

4. R Course

Protective Clothing

You will be required to wear the following protective clothing while being trained:

If you don't have access to the above items, we can supply helmets, gloves, jackets and wet weather gear if the weather becomes inclement.

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